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Making climate journalism relatable by making it cultural.

Climate change can seem intimidating and abstract as a subject for both journalists and audiences. ClimateXchange empowers and connects newsrooms to engage their audiences with content that speaks to the everyday person where they’re at—with solutions-based, climate-conscious impact that resonates.

We unite storytellers around the world, empowering the creativity needed to engage audiences and inspire action, because we believe climate belongs at the heart of our culture.

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Unlocking climate relevance for audiences everywhere.

A circular approach to content creation

Newsrooms who need specialised resources, or supplemental knowledge, can now access the raw materials to create, publish and re-share climate content, whatever the platform. This reciprocity powers a system flowing with assets created by local storytellers for global relevance and reach.

A network that raises the value of climate reporting

Collaboration across our global network unlocks a diverse pool of thought leaders, informing a climate-conscious story lens. This ensures climate resonance in stories around travel, lifestyle, technology, business and culture, providing critical information in a way that’s relatable, actionable and transcends traditional climate reporting.

Data-informed climate content that drives cultural conversation

Our proprietary in-house research and insight-driven data in collaboration with international publishers powers climateXchange so that measurement and impact is built into every story. This drives the cXc network to create content they know will connect with the audiences that count.

How it


Three approaches to journalism ecosystem change.

Climate content doesn’t need a badge on it—but the media ecosystem does need a rethink. For global content to work we are using a trio of groundbreaking approaches that embed climate into culture.

Credible, engaging climate content for all

Introducing our cutting-edge, cloud-based platform: The contentXchange. A space where content creators around the world can upload and download assets and republish, repurpose or adapt the material for their audiences. Our invite-only approach and unique editorial model ensures the content is relatable, actionable and sustainable—shared by reliable sources who share our values. In addition, our cXc Original content explores new ways to engage audiences and transcend the climate vertical with a new style of coverage: cultural climate journalism.

Unlocking local insights for global impact

Content isn’t enough to change the ecosystem. Our knowledgeXchange sessions held with our regional partners around the world work on sustainable financial models to further enable climate journalism. With a focus on uniting industry leaders via our in-house research and evaluation task force, our publications take a direct approach to adapting insights for action—from financial prototyping to strategic reframing we use  proprietary tools to craft audience-informed, locally-sourced, globally-relevant editorial.

Collaborating across borders

Everyone should have access to reliable climate information,especially in regions where reporting on these issues can be challenging, costly or dangerous. We foster sharing of resources, collaborate on climate themes common around the world, and host best practice member training. Through our regionalXchange we enable strategic partnerships and create connections with academic, business and social institutions bringing  ideas and expertise across regions so solutions for change are found more urgently.

Collaboration is the future.

Climate change cannot be solved alone. In working with global partners, content creators can make a powerful collective difference.

Southeast Asia

World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA)

cXc is proud to have WAN-IFRA as it’s South East Asian regional partner. As a global organisation of the world’s press their mission is to protect the rights of journalists and publishers around the world to operate independent news media. Together we strengthen the expertise and services needed for members to innovate to perform their crucial role in society.


WITS Center for Journalism

As the African regional cXc partner WITS offers a unique perspective in training, research and public engagement. This powerful collaboration enables a diverse range of professionals, academics and journalists to work together to forge a new path in the industry.


Report for the World

Report for the World is the European regional partner of cXc. We are excited for this collaboration as we give voice to local newsrooms so accurate, trusted content can be shared throughout the world.

Turning a passive audience into engaged participants.

Climate news is a tough sell. Across the world, journalists are striving to find new ways to engage audiences who are fatigued and news avoidant, seeking ways to prove climate journalism’s impact, with its immediate, medium and long-term effect. cXc is facilitating the development of impact strategies pioneering new approaches to the climate beat and what the climate conversation can and should be: a part of our everyday culture.

Our approach


Individual empowerment

cXc empowers journalism that localises climate change, making global issues relatable at an individual level. By focusing on region-specific impacts and actions, it helps people see how climate change directly affects their lives, encouraging personal responsibility and action. This approach turns abstract concepts into concrete realities, motivating individuals to adopt daily lifestyle changes with observable impact.


Community cohesion

cXc aids newsrooms in showcasing local climate initiatives, thereby becoming local platforms for communities to learn from each other's experiences and successes. This support not only highlights effective local solutions but also strengthens community bonds and collective action. By sharing stories of communal resilience and adaptation, cXc helps communities see themselves as integral parts of the climate solution, fostering a sense of unity and purpose.


Societal transformation

cXc partners with newsrooms from around the world to weave climate consciousness into everyday news narratives. By consistently enabling climate storytelling across various subjects, from economics to lifestyle, cXc influences public opinion and motivates collective action, contributing to a societal shift towards sustainable living and proactive climate policy.

Our success is reflected in

Increased engagement with climate stories.
Wider proliferation of solution-focused content.
Enhanced public dialogue around actionable climate strategies.

Our approach to impact evaluation

In measuring our impact, cXc employs a mixed-methods approach, combining both qualitative and quantitative data collection to ensure a comprehensive understanding of our influence. This strategy prioritises amplifying the voices of local newsrooms and their audiences, actively listening and responding to the realities on the ground to guide our continuous improvement and adaptation.



Is carbon dioxide the wrong emission to cut?

CO2 may get the headlines, but another atmospheric gas traps many times more heat—and may have a more dramatic effect on global warming if we can cut down on it. The bad news is there’s a lot of it: but the good news is, it may be easier to reduce.

Redefining the media ecosystem

climateXchange is the flagship initiative of Syli, our parent company - a non-profit dedicated to mission driven journalism. With a vision of a world where everyone has access to equitable, trustworthy and accurate information they are on a mission to create a healthier, more sustainable media ecosystem for better informed global audiences.

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